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Peddler/Door-to-Door Salesperson or Canvasser/Solicitor Permit

Secaucus Town Ordinance 99-3 makes it unlawful for any peddler/door-to-door salesperson or canvasser/solicitor to go from door to door of residences in the Town of Secaucus unless such peddler/door-to-door salesperson or canvasser/solicitor has obtained a license therefore  from the Secaucus Police Department unless such person is exempt from such licensure as provided hereunder. Persons who are otherwise deemed peddlers/door-to-door salespeople or canvassers/solicitors hereunder whose activities are limited exclusively to calling on businesses only but not residences, shall not be required to obtain a license hereunder.

Special exemptions for canvassers/solicitors: If a canvasser/solicitor believes that the obtaining of a license otherwise required hereunder impedes, restricts, frustrates, hampers, or in any way acts to limit, reduce or thwart the efforts of such person in exercising his/her First Amendment Rights, such person shall provide a written explanation to the Police Chief or his designee, on such form as provided by the Police Chief or his designee, setting forth the reasons therefore, and the Police Chief or his designee shall make a determination of this request within five (5) business days of such submission. Such form shall require such information that is sufficient to identify the person and the purpose for his/her canvassing/soliciting.

Application for Permit

Complete the Canvassing/Soliciting License Application and submit it to the Detective Division along with the following:

  • A notarized written statement from the individual firm or corporation employing the applicant certifying that the applicant is authorized to act as the employer's representative for the purpose stated in said application, if applicable.