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Internal Affairs

It is the policy of the Secaucus Police Department to accept and investigate all complaints of agency and employee’s alleged misconduct or wrongdoing from any citizen, department employee or any other sources, including anonymous sources. Following a thorough and impartial examination of the available factual information, a conclusion will be determined and the employee shall be either exonerated or held responsible for the alleged misconduct.  Discipline shall be administered according to the degree of misconduct.

Officers and employees, regardless of rank, shall be subject to disciplinary action for violating their oath and trust.  Committing an offense punishable under the laws of theUnited States, the State of New Jersey, or Municipality constitutes a violation of that oath and trust. Employees are also subject to disciplinary action for the willful or negligent failure to perform the duties of their rank or assignment.  In addition, employees may be disciplined for violation of any rule or regulation of the department or for failure to obey any lawful instruction, order, or command of a superior officer or supervisor.  Disciplinary action in all matters will be determined based upon the merits of each case.


  • Complaints will be accepted twenty four (24) hours a day seven (7) days a week
  • Complaints can be filed in person by coming to Police Headquarters located at 1203 Paterson Plank Road Secaucus, NJ 07094
  • Telephonic complaints can be made by calling (201) 330-2060 and asking to speak with the on duty supervisor
  • Complaints can be filed anonymously, however it is helpful when the Investigator is able to contact the complainant for additional details and clarifications of their complaint 
  • Complaints can be faxed to 201-330-2098
  • Your immigration status will not be inquired about or investigated when filing an Internal Affairs Complaint


Complaints can be mailed or emailed to: 

Chief Dennis Miller
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1203 Paterson Plank Road
Secaucus, NJ 07094