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Body cameras


In March of 2021, the Secaucus Police Department purchased Body Worn Cameras from Axon Enterprise, Inc. of Scottsdale, Arizona. More specially, the “Axon Body 3” were purchased. The Secaucus Police Department has made an application for a grant funding from the State of New Jersey for the purchase of the Body Worn Cameras, but the recurring cost for storing the data will be borne by the taxpayer.


Prior to making the purchase, a working group, which consisted of patrol officers, supervisors and union representatives, was assembled under the leadership of the Secaucus Police Administration Section Commander, Captain Joseph Baccola.


The working group visited several police departments within and outside of Hudson County, both large and small, and solicited feedback and ideas regarding the implementation of the Body Worn Cameras.  A pilot program was then established, whereby several police officers and a supervisor from the Secaucus Police Department wore a Body Worn Camera for a several week period, while performing field duties.  Based on the pilot program, further adjustments were made to the departmental policy. 


After the working group provided their insight, and feedback from the pilot officers was elicited, the Secaucus Police Department Body Worn Camera policy was drafted to meet the existing New Jersey Attorney General Directive and the enacted law, which becomes effective June 1, 2021. 


All officers, regardless of rank or assignment, from the Chief of Police to the lowest patrol officer, have been assigned a Body Worn Camera.  All personnel equipped with a Body Worn Camera have received training in the Body Worn Camera policy and Body Worn Camera functionalities, under the tutelage of Lieutenant Scott Coar.


“Body Worn Cameras will promote accountability of both my officers and the public at large,” Chief Dennis Miller said.  “Additionally, I believe that a majority of these recordings will highlight the professionalism and the courageousness exhibited by my officers while responding to police, fire and medical emergencies,” Miller said.