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The Healthy and Drug Free Secaucus Coalition has been recognized by the Prevention Action Alliance for a public service video they produced reminding YouTubers that "Parents Who Host Lose the Most." 

Coalition coordinator Dave Bratton, Police Chief Kevin Flaherty and Capt. Carlos Goyenechea worked together to produce the video that features Secaucus Police Lt. Martin Moreda and Officer Vince DeFazio relating the consequences parents face if underage alcohol and substance abuse goes on at parties in their homes, even if they're not there.  

"We got over 1,500 views," Bratton said.  "The video has been shared. We're very fortunate to have the support from the town that we do. The police have been instantly ready to help out and it is phenomenal. Mayor Gonnelli helped us out and we are very fortunate to have his support. We really hope that people are getting the message that it is illegal for parents to serve alcohol to anyone that is under the age of 21. We wanted to do a clear and concise and creative outreach." 


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